If there was a WWE theme park, Here are the stuff that will be in the park!

Rides, Entertainment and Attractions

  1. Kofi Kingston's Boom Boom Airline
  2. Rey Mysterio's Trampoline
  3. Fandango's Music Express
  4. Undertaker's Haunted House
  5. Trivia Challenge
  6. John Cena's Coaster
  7. The Miz's "Awesome!" Coaster
  8. Randy Orton's RKO Launch
  9. The Sheild's Sit and Spin
  10.  The Suplex Coaster
  11. Santino's Spinning Cobras
  12. D-Generation X Twisting Glowstick
  13. WWE Ferris Wheel
  14. WWE Carrousel
  15. Sheamus's Celtic Adventure 3-D Show
  16. WWE Arena
  17. WWE Play Zone
  18. AJ'S Tatto Stand
  19. Ryback's Pie Meating Contest
  20. Money In The Bank Ladder Challenge
  21. The Rock's Bahama Bull Train
  22. WWE Mueseum
  23. Jack Swagger's Patriotic Journey
  24. Kane's Masking of Pain
  25. WWE Theater - "The Best Talent Show in WWE History!" 30 minutes. Songs including I Don't Suck, What's Up and Cult of Personality
  26. Arcade
  27. Mark Henry's Weightlifting Challenge
  28. Big Show's Free Fall Tower
  29. Brodus Clay and Tensai's Dance Contest
  30. Bella Twins Kissing Challenge
  31. Jeff Hardy's Face Painting Station
  32. Edge's Rated R Movie Theater [Only for people 18 and older]
  33. Daniel Bryans Beard Hunt
  34. WWE Celebration Parade
  35. WWE Karoake Station
  36. Damien Sandow's Catholic Church
  37. Alberto Del Rio's Spanish Lessons
  38. El Torito's Bumper Cars
  39. Bray Wyatts Follow The Buzzards Kidnapping Area
  40. The Athorityy Boss Clown

Dining and Shopping

  1. WWE Restaraunt
  2. Santino's Italian Restaraunt
  3. Sheamus's Irish Restaraunt
  4. WWE Superstore
  5. Food Stands
  6. Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesario's American Store
  7. Outdoor Grille [Nathans and Snacks]
  8. Superstar Gear
  9. Shopping Stands
  10. International Store
  11. Half Price WWE Iteams 50% OFF
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Randy Orton & Jeff Hardy