I'm flying, Jack!
Titanic was an 1997 3 hour film which was made to remember the regular ship that hit an iceberg on April 14, 1912. One of the actors in the Movie were Leonardo Dicaprio which played Jack and Kate Winslet which played Rose. The movie is rated PG-13. One of the most popular parts of the movie is when they are flying. Just like in the regular ship, The ship still hit a very dangereos iceberg in the movie. The Movie had two parts and The movie is a little inapropiate for younger children. The Facts are that there was 2,200 passengers sailing on Titanic and there was only 20 lifeboats. Many people died on the ship and it is very mournful. In the Movie, Jack died because of the freezing water. There was food, entertaiment, a church and much more to see and do on Titanic! The ship hit the iceberg at 11:40 PM and the ship sank at 2:30 AM. Jack and Rose were just made-up characters for the movie. In fact, Jack and Rose are accualy the main characters of the full length movie. Some other cool scenes is when they dance and drink alchohal and another funny scene is when Jack and Rose ran away from one of the cops on the ship. Jack also got under arest in the movie and Rose had to find a spare key for Rose. Then, Rose looked around the ship and found something and saved Jack from punishment. Another true thing about Titanic is that women and children were first to go to one of the 20 lifeboats and men were last. Did you know that there's also a Roblox Titanic online! It's very fun! You also have to know that Rose was acually the person who is telling the story when she was younger and went on Titanic. At the end of the movie, Rose dreamed about when TItanic came back! Another funny part is when Rose and Cal are having a fight on the dinner table! It was very funny!     
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