Sesame Place
The World of Parks has many cool rides, attractions and shows that your kids will love! The park is located in Douglaston, NY. Theres also themed restaraunts and places to shop. There's Even cool hotels to stay in too! So look at the list of the cool rides and attractions they have and lets get this show on the road!

Rides and Entertaiment!

  1. Snail Coaster
  2. Wubbzy Disco Show
  1. Elmo's Cloud Chaser
  1. Peek A Bug
  1. Bouncing Hurricane
  1. Kidz Bop World
  1. Super Mario Princess Peach Castle Play Area [Coming Soon!]
  1. Ernie's Waterworks
  1. Splash Mountain
  1. The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
  1. Snow White's Scary Adventures
  1. Vapor Trail [Coming Soon!]
  1. Titanic Adventure Ride [Coming Soon!]
  1. Elmo's World Live
  1. Mickey's Philharmagic
  1. World of Parks Character Spot
  1. Muppet Vision 3-D
  1. Ernie's Bed Bounce
  1. Peter Pan's Flight [Coming Soon]
  1. Meet and Greet with Jack, Rose, Mario and Luigi near the Titanic Ride
  2. World of Parks Character Spot
  1. Sand Castle Beach
  1. The Count's Splash Castle\Pirate Bay
  1. It's Tough to be a Bug!
  1. Tree of Life
  1. World of Parks Celebration Parade
  1. Mickey's Music Party
  1. Barney Live!
  1. Festival of The Lion King
  1. Cirque Do Soleil
  1. King's Amazing Seasaw
  1. Feel The Sand
  1. Baseball Mania
  1. Get The Ball In!
  2. Funland
  3. King's Funhouse
  4. Herry's Hand Over Water
  5. Big Bird's Court


  1. Lucky Ducks
  2. Gassy Gus
  3. Whack A Mole
  4. Space Adventure Pinball
  5. Blues Clues Guessing Game
  6. The Claw
  7. Slot Machine
  8. Super Shootout
  9. Air Hockey
  10. Bean Bag Toss
  11. Washer Toss

Dining and Shopping

  1. Chef Mickey's
  1. Jolibee
  1. The Krusty Krab
  1. Hundred Acre Goods
  1. Funland Gift Shop
  1. The Everything Stand
  2. Sweet Treats Shack
    Barney (27)
    Animal Kingdom Parade
    - Dreams Come True
  3. Popcorn and Cotton Candy Carts