The Super Mario Bros Movie 3 Edit

This was the third installment of the movie series on my channel! It was so far the biggest project I have ever done!

The Super Mario Bros Movie 3- Bowser Returns- The Final Chapter

The Super Mario Bros Movie 3- Bowser Returns- The Final Chapter

Plot Edit

The Mario Brothers celebrate the joyous death of their enemy, Bowser. Mario wonders when he comes back. Luigi explains to him that he won't. Mario adds that if Bowser comes back then death doesn't exist. Then, you see a flashback from the 2nd film when Bowser had the battle. Mario gets sick of it. Luigi comforts him. After that, Luigi sings a song about the accomplishment. They party afterwards. Suddenly, Wario confronts them. He asks the brothers what they are doing. They often explain to Wario that Bowser is dead and that he will never return. They talk about specific powers they used while killing him which made the brothers use magic! Mario then adds that he had a dream that Bowser came back. The brothers argue that he will or he will not come back. Luigi then tells Mario that he had a dream too and that is if Bowser killed him. He didn't want Mario to see his dead body in a casket. Mario calls Luigi a jackass because he still thinks that Bowser will not return. Mario calls Luigi to come back. He apparently doesn't respond. Luigi wanders around and still says to himself. "Bowser won't come back." Suddenly, Bowser appears and beats the living hell out of Luigi. He said to himself that he made a stupid decision. Bowser kidnaps everyone except for Yoshi and Wario. They often sit there or do random things like play Hide and Seek [which everyone in the cast loves to play] Back at the castle,the brothers are trapped. They often get hungry and thirsty. Bowser says that they will be in the castle for dozens of years. Then, Yoshi and Wario are still bored and trying to come up with what to play. They still can't figure out anything. A few minutes later, They figure that they want to go to the castle to see what the brothers are up to. Apparently, It takes a while for them to get there so Bugs Bunny comes over to guide them. They get there fast and they wait near the castle in case of any danger. Back at the castle, Luigi gets hungry, thirsty and even can't breathe. Mario feels bad for Luigi and protects him. Luigi describes his feelings by song.