Tom Sawyer, whitewashing fences, and building communities online
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a classic book written by Mark Twian in 1873. The main character of the story is Thomas Sawyer. In 1938, They made an 90 minute movie based on the book. Aunt Polly is strict with Tom sometimes. Long ago, Parents used to hit their kids with sticks. Tom's best friend is Huckleberry Finn and they played pirate on an island. [Not Gullah Gullah Island] Another part is when Tom was whitewashing the fence. Sid is Tom's half brother which Tom always gets into trouble by throwing stuff at Sid. In the 70's, Tom Sawyer's Island and The Mark Twain Riverboat was added at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Also in the book and movie, Tom and Becky went inside the very dark cave and killed Injun Joe. Lots of people like this fiction book a lot. In 1885, They created another book based on the first book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn which was another book after the first book was made. Huck's dad was mean you know. He likes Jim [which was a slave] and Tom Sawyer.