Super Blast Mario
Super Mario is one of my Favorite Characters. He celebrated his 25th Birthday in 2010. He is in charge of games including Mario Kart, Mario Party and more. Some Mario Games have a series. Mario has a brother named Luigi who is younger then Mario but he jumps higher then Mario. Mario was fighting bad guys since 1985. His first game was Donkey Kong. His enemie is Bowser and Bowser kidnaps Peach and brings her to Bowser's Castle. My Favorite Mario Game is Super Mario 64 DS. One of Mario's Friends are Yoshi, Toad and a few of the other Toads in The Mushroom KIngdom. Sonic is one of Mario's Fastest Opponent but they are still friends. Mario's last name is his own name and He has many other cool games including the new Mario Tennis Open and Super Mario 64. Mario can turn into a ghost, bee, etc in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and Mario has a special fir power which Mario's outfit gear turns white and his overalls are red and that allows Mario to shoot fire on one of his enemies including Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Mario had Television Shows including The Super Mario Bros Super Show which Mario is played by Captain Lou Albano which was also a WWF professional wrestler and Luigi is played by Danny Wells. You can buy Mario's Games at a store called Game Stop. You can play Mario games at Mario is voiced by Charles Marinet. Charles Marinet dosen't voice just Mario, He voices Luigi,Wario and Waluigi. Mario is probably one of the best characters ever of Nintendo!
Super Mario.
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