"Ring The Bell!" is a WWE Christmas Parody of Jingle Bells

Dickens Village 2010
All: Dashing through the show,

so we can entertain

O'er the ropes we'll go,

Damien: Hope I land on Kane

Brodus: Funk is on a roll!

AJ: when you step into that ring

Bryan: Yes, No, Yes, No. OK Yes!

Kane: I'm not going to sing

All: Oh, Ring The Bell! Ring The Bell

seasons here no doubt

We won't stop until we win,

Big Show: Or I'm gonna knock you out

All: We go out to compete,

Randy and Prime Time Players: All alone, Or in a pair

Ryback: I can eat enough red meat,

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara: We fly through the air!

Punk: I'm the Best in this whole world!

Sheamus: I know that is not true

Vickie: Excuse me! Don't you start a fight!

Booker: Can you dig it? You sing too!

All: Oh, Ring The Bell! Ring The Bell!

we hope that your inspired

If you arent entertained, Vince will say, "YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[John Cena attacks Punk when he's trying the push the Tree lightning button]