File:Mario Explains the Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS was launched on March 2011 and it is a 3-dimeontinal version of the Nintendo DS family. They released 3DS Games including Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Mario Tennis Open? and more. It also has 3D applications like The Mii Maker. Like in the Wii, You get to customize your own Mii. In The Streetpass Mii Plaza, You can send Miis to your plaza by using Streetpass. There's cool games like Find Mii, Puzzle Swap, Warrior's Way, Flower Town and more. When you play, You get Play Coins. When you play games, you get new play coins. In AR Games, You play games by using the AR Card. In Activity Log, You can check out how many steps you took and the stuff you played lately. Theres Sound and Camera applications like on the DSI. You can download new exciting games and applications on the Nintendo eShop. Netfilix is an application where you can watch movies like Nintendo Video. The Circle Pad is like the Control Pad and it's the newest edition of the Nintendo 3DS. Another new thing is the 3D Depth Slider which you can change the 3D level. Face Raiders is a game where you shoot your opponents faces. When you put regular DS games in, The games are not in 3D. The regular buttons are there including A,B,X and Y along with the L and R buttons. When you put The 3DS in Sleep Mode, You will get more Play Coins and Steps. The DS features the new home button which can take you back to the main menu when your done playing. In 2012, They launched the brand new Nintendo 3DS XL. The screen is very big and it's awesome. Nintendo 3DS also has a regular camera and 2 out-facing cameras. Mario will explain the rest of what's in the 3DS in the video you see below. 3D feature is only for kids 7 and up. Kids 6 and under may cause vision damage.
NINTENDO® 3DS (Hardware) E3 2010
Also there's a brand new 2DS too! And, you can still put the 3DS games in there!