"Joey Tastic" is my youtube channel full of great entertaining videos starring me! This is also home to great Mario, WWE and Disney videos! It is also home to great shows like Jade and bade and Let's Play Games With Mario and Friends. This channel started on Youtube in March 2013. This channel was replaced by my old account called Bubbatino and it was gone due to copyright infridgements. Be sure to subscribe to it and also stay tuned for the Mario Movie 3 coming on the air to Youtube somewhere in 2015. I have two other channels too! A website was launched in October of 2014 with videos and news about the channel. The channel has a total of 46 subscribers! Joey Tastic effects is another series on the channel where some special effects are in the video like I get hit by rocks or an automobile and it LOOKS REAL! Jade and Bade is a show where two kids hate each other and do crazy things! Starring me and my brother. The show is up to it's second season and will make more episodes in the future. The Christmas Special will be in the future as well.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy the awesome videos of Joey Tastic!