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Elmo's World Live!
Elmo is a furry red monster from Sesame Street which one of his friends are Big Bird, Zoey and Mr Noodle. He has his own television program called Elmo's World which Elmo explains what he is thinking about. Elmo does activites about the topic Elmo is thinking about. The puppeteer of Elmo is Kevin Clash. Elmo was on a Australlian Show called Rove, Jimmy Fallon, Wendy Willams and other shows. I say that Elmo acts a little inapropiate in those television shows. Elmo appeared on Sesame Street in the 1980s. One of his popular songs is "Elmo's Song" Sung by Elmo, Snuffy and Big Bird. Elmo's pet is a orange female goldfish named Dorothy. Elmo is a Walk Around Character at Sesame Place too!
Elmo Live Doll By Fisher Price
 One of Elmo's Toys that people buy in certain stores including Toys R Us are Elmo Live! and Elmo Rocks! These are toys that little ones will love. Elmo also appeared on Muppet Movies including A Muppet Family Christmas and The Muppets Take Manhatten. Elmo is known as a little furry red monster and he is 3% years old. Elmo sleeps with an orange monster like doll named David and Elmo lives in a apartment with his parents Mae and Louie. You can play Elmo's games on Elmo does not have any eyelids or forehead and Elmo's favorite kind of spice is Wasabi. Elmo is 24 inches tall and he is one of most furry red monsters in the planet!
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